Our Winter Garden Pt 1. 29.11.21

December 1st is the beginning of “meteorological winter” which is, I suppose, a technical definition but the weather certainly has had a wintery feel to it this past weekend. Much more seriously so, it has to be said, in parts of the UK more northerly than we are here in Leeds. Nonetheless, it’s now time to take some action in the garden under the heading of “after the first frost”. Dahlias first; these now need to be lifted, the tubers dried out and stored ready for next Spring, when I’m going to plant fewer of them, further apart in the drive-side bed. There is one in a pot which I’m inclined to cut right back and cover with more compost and see what happens – I can always pop it into the greenhouse in really bad conditions.

The greenhouse occupants are doing OK ….. I’m slow-headedly realising that Hardy Annuals are just as hardy as Hardy Perennials and maybe don’t need as much protection as I originally thought – certainly they all seem to have come through this first frost. We’ll see – either they will or they won’t! Part 2 follows in a day or two ………

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