Propogation, and the August experiment. 2.8.21

As an apprentice gardener slowly learning something of what’s what, I’ve become more interested in the notion of propagation from cuttings, and now have a few pots of what I hope might become small plants growing (or not!) in a propagator in the greenhouse.

These are Aster, Lavender, Penstemon, Dianthus, Helenium and Coleus, and we’ll see what happens. The trick might be to avoid them getting sunstroke by physically moving them out of the greenhouse into the shade when necessary, and keeping them well watered / misted – and then being patient. I hope to be potting some or all of them by the end of August or early into September.

The second part of the experiment concerns seeds. Two things came together here: the one was coming across a splendid display of Coleus in a greenhouse in Temple Newsam Park in Leeds, which led to us shopping for Coleus seeds. They come in a wonderful variety of foliage colouring, although sadly we could only find one packet of seeds for the variety “Flame Dancers”. The second thing was considering the best medium in which to plant the seeds ….. what makes the best seed compost? Now we’ve grown many things from seed and usually with some reasonable degree of success, but we decided to give it a touch more thought this time which led via internet generated confusion to the great August experiment.

I had these pods kicking around in the garden shed, and so I set it up thus …… let to right, Perlite; Vermiculite; 50/50 Perlite and Peat free compost; 50/50 Vermiculite and compost; Compost on its own. Into them we sowed 2 seeds each of the tiny Coleus seeds and they went into the greenhouse, covered with a propagator lid and anticipating temperature of 15 to 20C. According to the packet we should see seedling in 14 – 28 days – so again, we’ll see what happens. Of course this could lead to 30 Coleus plants ………

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