Langstone; 20th June 2021

We went to Portsmouth to visit family that we’ve only seen on various sizes of screen over the last two years.  That was delightful and a lovely catching up.  In the midst of that though we had a couple of hours to ourselves on a Saturday morning, and we drove down to Langstone, which is just next to the causeway leading over onto Hayling Island from the Hampshire “mainland”.

It’s a fairly quiet spot on a Saturday morning, populated mostly by folk taking exercise, with or without canine companionship.  It was a cloudy morning, quite still, and in an odd sort of way very atmospheric.  The immediate vicinity is quite flat and felt very spacious with big skies and the “letterbox” format that many of these photographs were edited to seemed to fit.

The little family of swans, by the way, were very docile as we past them on the walk out but their mood had changed by the time we past them again.  They were right across the footpath and obviously felt it their perfect right to be so and any human determined enough to get past them was hissed at and snapped at quite ferociously, if, thankfully, inaccurately! 

A very pleasant and peaceful interlude ………

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