Langstrothdale 20.5.21

It’s been an odd, though admittedly insignificant feature of these restricted, locked-down months that I’ve made very little use of my “proper”camera – my Olympus OM-D – reaching instead for the in fact equally “proper” camera in my iPhone.  In fact an upgrade of the iPhone offers me a very “proper” camera indeed, which while it still has the inevitable limitations of its genre, when playing to its strengths makes a very good image indeed.

We decided to give ourselves an exotic treat with the easing of restrictions and took off in the car to make our way up Wharfedale, with the OM-D charged up and ready in the camera bag.  At the top end of Wharfedale is Langstrothdale, which to my mind is one of the exceptionally lovely gems of this loveliest area in England. There’s a combination here of water, rocks and trees, most of the last not yet in leaf, that provides a cornucopia of shapes, textures and colours, all accompanied by the sound of running, bubbling water.  This truly is a beautiful place.

So I made photographs.  It’s a somewhat cliched collection I admit, but it recalls for me the essence of the place, and I’ll settle for that.  The question that caught my attention in “developing the images was “colour or monochrome?”.  Obviously the place is in colour – the light wasn’t exceptional on this rather overcast day, but plainly the place is in glorious colour.  Monochrome though adds something as well as “taking away the problem of colour” as someone once said.  It emphasises shape and texture, it certainly in these light conditions increases the sense of drama.

In the end I guess that it’s an issue of personal taste, and indeed that the answer will vary from image to image.  My one clear regret is that I can’t make my 4 ink printer produce a decent black and white image without a colour cast!  That’s not a problem on the screen though – so here’s a selection.

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