Mid May 2021

A part, perhaps the major part, of the function of this blog is to form an easily accessible record of the progress of our garden so that I can look next May at where we are this May and learn its lessons and avoid its mistakes.  So this entry in particular is in that vein and may not be of much interest to anyone else.  Speaking of “anyone else” I was surprised and pleased to be informed by WordPress that I have no less than 50 followers.  To each of you I say “thank you very much” and hope you find something of interest or amusement here!

It’s May, and England being England, a dry and sometimes very warm April is being followed by a wet and sometimes rather chilly May.  The water butts are now full to their respective brims and the garden very well watered – added to which we are forecast a very wet weekend to come.  In the end that might be more of a problem for us humans that it is for the plants (we’re not waterlogged yet!), and we’re working on the assumption that we just get on with things.  So there are now many small plants being hardened off outside the greenhouse with a view to planting in the week beginning May 24, while tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers grow on inside.  The cucumbers incidentally are not looking so good yet, seeming reluctant to get beyond their first couple of leaves.

The big change I’ve made is in the drive-side bed where I’ve ruthlessly stripped out the Sweet Peas.  Bad planning on my part put Sweet Peas at the back of a bed which I intend to populate with perennials.  That’s bad planning because they are somewhat demanding in terms of tying in and, when they bloom, frequent cutting both of which will be difficult to do if I have to wade through burgeoning perennials to get to them.  So they went, consigned to the compost heap, and I mulched and fed the empty space in anticipation of planting some of the dahlias currently hardening off. I’ve also had a bit of a go at the delphiniums in the same bed. I’m not sure whether or not this is good practice, but it seemed to me to make sense and I think the result is an improvement. Basically I’ve gone through and thinned them out somewhat. I think that allows both light and air to get through the plants, and also gives a bit more breathing space to the plants on either side. We’ll see, and I’ll report back honestly!

Otherwise things are growing, sometimes with our assistance and sometimes despite us, and we are on the whole very pleased with the way it’s all looking.  A little sunshine wouldn’t hurt though ……..

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