Eager to grow. 13.4.21

Our interpretation of the Covid rules apparently allowed us to venture a little further from home, and we celebrated that by driving up to Harlow Carr Gardens to catch a glimpse of how the professionals are managing this Spring.  It’s always a lovely place in which to be and this visit didn’t disappoint, at least it didn’t until a heavy rain / sleet / hail shower curtailed it.

In an odd sort of way, one of the really encouraging and indeed reassuring features of the place at the moment is the quantity of bare earth on view.  There are some newly developed and as yet unplanted areas of course, but overall that sense of early year waiting for growth to get solidly under way was there as it is in our own tiny by comparison plot:

I’ve rearranged the contents of our greenhouse with that same sense of anticipation, hoping not to be proved premature once again!  Small plants have been potted on to become bigger plants, seedlings have been pricked out and are becoming small plants and it’s looking good at the moment.  It’s still a touch chilly overnight, so I’m continuing to use the greenhouse heater, but adding less in the way of insulation over the propagators.  The forecast suggests that this will continue to be a rather cold April, but the increasing worry is that there’s no rain on offer over the next couple of weeks, and the butts are running very low…….

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