April Chills. 7.4.21

I understand that there’s nothing exceptional about frosty weather at this time of year and indeed that a “white” Easter is statistically more likely than a “white Christmas.  That doesn’t mean that I have to enjoy it though!

Much of the garden population can take it in its stride of course, I guess that’s one of the features of “hardy perennials” that makes them so attractive.  I’m not sure about the Sweet Peas though, and having chatted to the google oracle I decided they might need some protection which I provided with some squares of bubble wrap held by spring clamps.  It seems to have worked, although I’m a touch anxious about the possibility of breaking the fragile lower stems.

The fragile new seedlings in the greenhouse slotted into a variety of lidded propagators over which I draped fleece, and they all seem to have survived, helped on by the little tube heater.  The Dahlia tubers in their pots are, in the midst of all this, beginning to show some signs of life with some tiny new shoots starting from the old stems.

The delphiniums seem not to have enjoyed being cold, and this morning before breakfast were looking distinctly droopy and generally sorry for themselves.  A little sun seemed to revive them very quickly though and they seem fine now, with no more than a few leaves a little worse for wear around the edges.

The forecast for tonight is +1C so there is something of a dilemma, particularly surrounding the Sweet Peas – cover them or not?  Decision later!  More frost is offered at the end of this week, and then the temperatures moderate a little; for how long remains to be seen.  A secondary issue is the lack of any rain in the forecast – we have 5 butts and they’re each about half full at the moment and I need to be feeding and watering.  April showers would be very welcome!

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