Our 2021 Garden (28.2.21)

Today is the last day of meteorological winter, and so tomorrow is the first day of meteorological spring. It’s a lovely clear day of bright sunshine and feels warm, distinctly spring-like. Should I perhaps succumb to a dose of pessimism (or maybe realism) and suggest that it feels deceptively spring-like? Certainly there’s some chilly weather in the forecast ahead, and so I’m going to be uncharacteristically disciplined and resist the temptation to plant out the Sweet Peas and Spring Onions that are thriving in the greenhouse – they can wait another week or so. Similarly with the insulation in the greenhouse, it can stay bubble wrapped for a little while longer. It’s a balance, as with so many things, between moving on and letting in the light on the one hand, and clinging on to the degrees celsius on the other!

I like the look of the garden at the moment, so much is on the cusp of new growth and some well into it. Crocuses are the most prominent feature in terms of their colour, there are many other bulbs not so far behind, and much showing itself that had been cut back and mulched over with the onset of winter last year. Prominent among these are the Delphiniums, which seem to be coming through somewhat mob-handed. I’ve looked at web sites and videos, and am inclined to leave well alone this year and think in terms of dividing and making cuttings this time next year.

Seedlings are sunbathing in the cold frame, with cucumber and tomato not so far from being ready to prick out; the grass has had its first cut of the year and all in all there is a nice sense of anticipation around. A gallery of assorted images follows:

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