Our 2021 Garden. (18.2.21)

Let’s not get carried away here!  The snow has gone, and the “monthly outlook” on the BBC weather site seems to be backing away from a return of very cold weather at the beginning of March – although it’s hedging its bets it has to be said.  Meteorological Spring is only a week or so away at the start of March and there’s a sense of hope and optimism about the place – or so it seems to me.

Certainly “stuff” is growing in the garden, and that’s really encouraging.  My little clutch of Crocuses has clung on through the very cold weather and is now apparently flourishing, and is joined by a lot of bulb activity along the front of that same bed, with daffodils making their presence felt here and there.   The delphiniums that I cut back and mulched over last Autumn are beginning to show through, which is a great relief!  In the same bed, Rudbeckia and Lobelia are both looking to me as through there’s new if small scale growth going on.  That’s all good then, to coin a phrase.

We’re tidying up the beds, ready to welcome now growth, and we’re sowing seeds in anticipation of populating them.  In the propagator indoors are:

Tomato Gardener’s delight

Cucumber Beth Alpha

Sweet Pepper California Wonder

these are intended to be grown on in the greenhouse and so I’ve sown 12 of each in fibre pots which will transplant readily into bigger pots in due course.

Dahlia Mignon Mixed

to be grown on outside.  These were really prolific last year and we grew too many in truth, so I’ve sown 16, doubled up in fibre pots.  I’m also looking forward to a delivery of fancier Dahlia Tubers from Farmer Gracy in the next week or so.

Germinating in the greenhouse are Echinacea purpurea courtesy of free seeds from GW Magazine.  These we’ll grow on in the garden.

So that’s where we are in the middle of February.  Lot’s of routine jobs to be done, indeed might even give the grass its first cut of the year if the weather allows!

Onwards and Upwards!

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