The Visitation

We were in the garden completing a few small tasks in and around the greenhouse when this “visitation” (is that a good collective noun for a flock of Long Tailed Tits?) arrived as they do, in great haste and with a sense of busyness and bluster.  We were only a few metres away, and they seemed ready enough (or perhaps hungry enough) to tolerate us.  I had the mobile phone in my pocket and switched to the camera and made about a dozen images using various levels of zoom.  They’re a bit rough and ready as photographs go, and the final picture with the zoom at its maximum is beginning to fall apart somewhat, but to my mind they do capture that sense of frenetic activity that seems to characterise these birds.  I particularly like the apparent pathos of the little guy stuck in the bush while the others eat – I’m glad to say that he did find his way into the magic circle!

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