Ongoing Irises

To anyone who knows about the cultivation of Irises, this runs the risk of being seriously boring. I know very little of the subject and have so little experience of the ‘craft” that I find it both fascinating and delightful. The whole bowlful has now come into bloom and has been brought into the house so that we can enjoy them. There seems to be a suggestion that they’re not long-lasting flowers, so we’ll make the most of them as the first blooms of 2021 …….


  1. Thanks for your kind comment Mick. I was very pleased with them, except that they didn’t last very long, just 3 or 4 days, and I’m thinking that bringing them indoors might have been a mistake. They might have been better left in the relative cool of the greenhouse and put outside when the sun shone – I don’t really know and would be happy to learn! Good while they lasted!

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