Our 2021 Garden : January

I tried this sort of sequence of postings last year, and it all fell apart somehow . We’ll have another go though, nothing more really than a record for us of our progress through the months to come, and if anyone else looks at it and even enjoys it, then that’s a bonus.

At first sight of course, everything looks a touch gloomy just at the moment. We’ve had a little snow and ice, and the remains of that are still around, and not much seems to be going on at all …….

…… it’s all just sitting there – waiting. Except that things are stirring! In the greenhouse, layered up in bubble-wrap and with its little heater keeping the internal temperature up to 6/7C, bulbs are cracking the surface and growing up quite nicely. Iris Reticulata, a miniature Iris, have sat in these bowls for a month or more, and now are breaking through, while on the other shelf there are next year’s Sweet Peas, germinated and waiting for some warmer weather …..

At the end of the garden, there are two raised beds, with all sorts in them, which again look somewhat dormant, but look more closely and there are daffodils reaching up; what a lovely splash of colour they’ll make in a couple of months ….

Little signs of hope and possibility. Nothing spectacular, still less miraculous – this happens every year after all. Perhaps that’s why they’re such cheering signs; reassurances that whatever tangles we human beings might be getting into there is something more, something better, something ongoing.

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