Just a little higher since …….

I’ve never attempted to grow Hyacinths before. We’ve bought them of course, and enjoyed that wonderful scent, but this year we decided to buy some bulbs (the “prepared” kind!) and see what might happen. So the bulbs were bought at one of our local garden centres, and planted up on August 24th:

A little water and then into the garage and covered with a piece of wood to keep the light out – really counter-intuitive stuff! They stayed there until mid November, receiving only an occasional glance and very sparse watering. Then they were brought into the house with their buds now anHyacinth inch or so tall, watered a bit more and watched nervously until finally at the turn of the month, the action began and apparently lifeless buds became tinged with colour and hints of that glorious scent hung in the air:

These images were made on December 13th and yes, they’ve grown a little hya synth then. This is today’s image (Dec 15th) with the blooms supported a little as they’re growing a bit top heavy. As I type this, sitting pretty much next to them, that scent is delightful!

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