2 in 1 at the end of the year.

Different things, but with a definite biological link! We have in the garden the stump of an old apple tree that having been productive for a good few years became much less so and somewhat diseased so we cut most of it away, leaving about a metre above the ground which offers a kind of vertical, structural dimension to that part of the garden. Over the months of autumn and winter this last year it’s become home to a rather attractive fungus called Coriolus Versicolor or, more interestingly, “turkey tail”. Very photogenic, although its position is a touch challenging to manoeuvre a tripod close to. These images were made on 2 separate occasions, the first in a flat, overcast light and the second in bright sunlight. The first group was handheld, for the second I used the tripod and there has been fairly extensive cropping into the original files.

This second selection is of trees in Roundhay Park in Leeds. Trees in full leaf are fine, but there’s something about the skeletal architecture of a winter tree that I find truly impressive. I like monochrome for these as a kind of emphasis of the skeletal I think, it also leaves the two close-up images of trees en masse as slightly surreal and textural, which I quite enjoy.

So there we are – that’s 2019 pretty much dealt with! Somehow I seem to have accumulated no less that 34 “followers”, so to any who have nothing better to do than to read this – a very happy New Year to you!

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