RHS Harlow Carr in August

The weather conditions were bright and breezy and as we left after our reasonably early visit, the crowds were arriving ready for a falconry demo.  Good to see lots of children who were set to enjoy this lovely place and maybe imbibe some of the seeds that will produce the gardeners, bird lovers and general appreciators of that which is beautiful that tomorrow will most certainly need!

It’s obviously been a summer of extremes – of heat and of rainfall.  I’m not sufficiently knowledgeable to be clear how this might have affected the lifecycle and rhythm of flora here and throughout the country, but surely it’s made some difference.  The place is full of colour and beauty of course.  I just had a sense though that there is seed being set and the move into Autumn is if not actually under way, not very far around the corner.

There is progress visible in the development of the stream, which is apparently partly motivated by the need to control the flooding to which the garden has been prone, and which in changing climatic conditions is likely to become even more of a hazard.  Still some insect life about which was good to see – I’m getting closer to a half way decent picture of a bee, but haven’t quite got there yet!

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