Harrogate 20.6.19

Harrogate’s a place that we visit quite often, more often than not for the shops, or better still to see old friends who live on the edge of the town. This trip though was a planned “photoshoot” for the Camera Club, so – cameras at the ready.

It’s a fine old town really. Full of glory, most of which hasn’t been allowed to fade. We spent most of our time in the Valley Gardens, as the pictures below show, which is a lovely feature. A great place to stroll, to sit and think, to run and play, to seek tranquility in the Japanese Garden, and most other things that the imagination might prompt one towards. Particularly lovely on this occasion were the cloisters (I’m sure they have another name) with the play of light through the open rafters and the mellow colours beneath the overhead plants and trees.

Back through the town and the busyness of a town centre that can indeed be very busy. I was amused by the notion of a CCTV camera overseeing the royal bath …… One of the highlights of the town’s fairly recent history was the visit of the Tour de France, of which there are several reminders!

Altogether an enjoyable couple of hours . Pictures follow:

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