RHS Harlow Carr in June

June has been wet! A combination of that weather and various other significant issues has seriously curtailed my photography and so I find that my last post was in fact my May visit to Harlow Carr …… all sorts of god resolutions follow logically on!

This visit was scheduled for me in some ways so I had little option but to go with the weather – do we ever in truth? It was grey, but with some promise of occasional glimpses of sun, so worth a try. The gardens are burgeoning with growth. Green is everywhere, punctuated wonderfully by a high variety of colour. It may be I suppose that June is in fact its most prolific month; it certainly made a grand sight, with photographic potential on all sides – and, incidentally a fair number of photographers, some looking very professional, working away.

I was on my way back to the car when, taking a last look down the long sweep of grass towards the woods on the other side of the stream, I notice the sky, and made these three images. Very dramatic for June I think, and only minimally “enhanced” in Lightroom. It’s the combination of a dark and threatening sector of sky with the foreground which is sunlit from behind the camera.

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