Grass Woods revisited. May 2019

This was actually the third visit, and I suspect there will be many more in the fulness of time. It is a delightful place and at the moment full of Spring hope and promise. Bluebells are a prominent feature, though not as yet in the great drifts and carpets that they sometimes form; perhaps that’s yet to come. The light through the partially formed overhead canopy (admittedly on a lovely day) made delicate highlights on both trees and undergrowth. The atmosphere was tranquil and peaceful – though there was evidence enough of activity, but maybe that was the work of groups of weekend volunteers.

Wayfinding is interesting, and just enough of a challenge! There are a couple of main footpaths and they’re shown on the map, but there is a multitude of informal paths that cross and re-cross the area. Getting lost in any serious sense wouldn’t be easy! Orientation is made quite straightforward by the gradient down into the valley, the occasional glimpses of the high fells across the valley, and the (thankfully not prominent but occasionally audible) traffic noise from the road. It only needs a little imagination though for it to become a real exploration.

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