Bridlington 29.4.19. 3. The Paraglider

This guy and his kite or ‘chute or whatever the technical term is was a real bonus!  We watched him dressing up in what looked like motor cycle kit and then beginning to unpack his huge kit bag.  Then later, having sorted the kit and flown the kite, he walked to the cliff edge and stepped off!  Presumably there were thermals at that point, and he spent some considerable time simply cruising up and down a stretch of a kilometre or so.  He was low enough – maybe between 10 and 30 metres – to allow some images that combined him with folk on the ground.  The phrase “he’s behind you” sprang to mind at least once!  

Brilliant and if, by some freak of circumstance he should ever read this blog then “I salute you sir, and thank you for the experience and the photographs”.

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