Bridlington 29.4.19, 1. The Bondville Model Village

We’d been recommended by some friends to make this visit and, finding ourselves in the general area, decided to seek it out, and were very glad that we did.  Maintaining this place seems to be a real labour of love – hopefully it makes some financial sense too – and the guy selling the tickets, who also does most of the work, is a real enthusiast.

It presents a continual “tromp d’oeil” (is that the right expression?).  A challenge to both eye and brain to correctly interpret the scale of what is seen.  Obviously the planting in some ways provides the scale, although as the walk round progresses, plants become trees and a small hedge a forest.  Fascinating!  They’ve built in a number of slightly comedic scenes as well, which are nicely done, and although the figures are plainly plaster figurines (or fibre glass or whatever) even they take on a measure of lifelikeness as one becomes used to the scale of things.

Photographically the challenge was about finding the best viewpoint.  I did at times put the camera on the ground and use the fold out rear screen and in truth I wish I’d done so much more often – although it wasn’t always possible.  Not doing so leads to a preponderance of “aerial shots” which don’t really do justice to the exhibit.  

Much enjoyed though – and well worth a visit.  Decent lunch in the cafe to boot!

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