There’s more to York than ……

Don’t misunderstand me – I do like York.  We visit quite often for the shops, for the history, even for the ecclesiastical bits.  Like most cities though, especially those that have rivers running through them, it seems to me that some of the best bits are around the edges.  My brief time as a canoeist was spent mostly on the Ouse, and I do miss that particular viewpoint.  Next best thing though is walking by the river, and that’s what we went intending to do today.

Coffee then (is Costa quite as good as it used to be?) and then down to the river and heading north (roughly) along the good tarmac path for a 5 mile or so “there and back” walk in pleasant conditions that hint at Spring (though I suspect with a fair bit of winter yet to be dealt with).  Some pictures attached which seemed to work best in monochrome (with a touch of sepia here and there) and in the square format that I do rather enjoy.

I used the Olympus with the 20mm pancake lens.  That rig slips easily into a jacket pocket, doesn’t weigh very much, gives decent results, and offers a simple, uncomplicated approach to composition in which moving the feet substitutes neatly for twisting the zoom!  So – squabbling gulls, skeletal trees and swirling waters.

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