Beverley. Feb 28th 2017

We remember driving through Beverley on the way home from Hornsea a couple of years ago, and so decided that we should spend a day there and take a good look.  In addition we had seen advertising for a wildlife photographic exhibition in the town’s art gallery – and we made that our first stop after coffee.

The gallery is housed in a building which is part quite old and part very new and is called the “Treasure House”.  The exhibition was very impressive indeed, some of the images really quite stunning.  One aspect of it was the work of “young people”, some indeed as young as 10 years old.  Great promise for the future – indeed great skill for the present!  The information with each image spoke on occasion of great patience in waiting for the right moment, and sometimes (particularly in the “adult” section) of a very high level of technical ability and indeed kit.  There was a considerable section of underwater photography the images in which were all quite fascinating.  It’s on till April, and well worth a visit.  Certainly inspiring – perhaps a little intimidating at times too!

A more than decent lunch and a stroll while making photographs of the market square and surrounding streets, and then eventually to the Minster, which is of course Beverley’s major claim to fame.  It’s a very impressive building.

There are connections in and around the town with its agricultural heritage, which include the vital canal for transport and a couple of windmills.  We didn’t have time to get to either of those sadly, but they constitute a more than adequate reason for a return visit.  A few images follow ………

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