Chesterfield. Jan 20th 2017

We went to Chesterfield – and why not?  Nice little cruise down the motorway (about 1.25 hours) which blew some of the cobwebs off and out of the car, and a pleasant and rather interesting destination.  It’s not a big town particularly but it has all the usual amenities and is of course dominated by the parish church with its famous crooked spire.  The very helpful lady in the excellent museum explained that the bend is something of a mystery; maybe unseasoned wood, which seems a likely explanation, but nobodys really sure.  Theories abound naturally, some more colourful involving devils and virgins – I’ll settle for the unseasoned timber!

The museum was well worth the (free) visit and is reflected in some of the pics that follow.  The windlass was apparently used in the construction of the church and has been painstakingly restored.  It’s actually a treadmill powered by one or two men – gyms are not new!  Lots of mining around here “back in the day” ….. I suppose in truth it’s a once vital town in the process of reinventing itself, as is so in many places that fed the industrial revolution.

Decent coffee and decent lunch; a stroll in the park during which we peered at the old “Queens Park Leisure Centre” due for demolition and so visually interesting – and in fact already replaced by something shiny and new, part funded by the Lottery, Sport England and England Squash.  Perhaps Chesterfield has more of a sporting story than we realised – the park also has one of Derbyshire’s County Cricket grounds.

A few random images then, recalling an enjoyable visit ……..

The Market Place
Tudor Chesterfield
The Windlass
Still Life.jpg
Nostalgic Still Life
Police Officer’s Notebook
The Old Queens Park Leisure Centre
Queen’s Park
The Crooked Spire


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