Here we go again!

It’s been a while I guess!  There’s been no particular reason for that, but I sense that there’s a confusion of reasons for the new beginning.  Perhaps the clearest stimulus is the felt need to establish some sort of direction in photography – sounds incredibly pretentious I know, but even the least of us is entitled to have some sense of where we’re going.  The little camera club that I’ve been involved with for the last few years has pretty much lost the plot, I conclude.  Too small to function in traditional camera club style it nonetheless insists on clinging to that aspiration and is unwilling to think laterally.  The concensus at a rather sad AGM was that really we need to be entertained and entertaining if we are to attract new members, and thus esoteric notions of learning how to use a camera or frame an image are rather sidelined.  Well, so be it; it is what it is, as they say.  I’ll drift along wth it for a little while longer, but at the same time “plough my own furrow”, set my own objectives, and perhaps use this blog as a way of recording my progress – should any be made!

We’re planning a trip out to Chesterfield tomorrow, so there’ll be some pictures from that (not just of a bent spire I trust), and perhaps a few words to go with them.  We also have a bit of a notion (and the “we” is of course Kay and I) to adopt what might have been a different way forward for the camera club and set ourselves themes on which to make pictures, perhaps 6 in the course of the year.  The current theme, which is sort of part of the CC programme, is “time lapse”, which suggests not necessarily the highly technical aspects of classical time-lapse photography, but anything which sets a number of images in a sequence.  I’m going to upgrade the blog so that we can post video, and then put up a little video I’ve produced of the building and launching of Wee Rob, just to get things under way.

Flick’r is another option to explore.  Again I’ve spent time and effort here in the past, and it is a very potent sharing medium in potentially worldwide company.  I’ve felt in the past that while some of the images to be explored here are fairly ordinary and at a standard that is certainly achievable, many of them are excellent, stunning even, and thus inspirational.

So – we’ll see where we go!

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