Wee Rob on the Ouse 18.7.16

Just a quick one, so to speak!  Back to Bishopthorpe for a third time on the same route (remember it’s never the same river twice!).  No pics, but some notes …..

The boat functioned very well with the couple of mods I’d made after the last time.  A couple of inches of foam on the seat made all the difference comfort wise.  My home made foot rest worked very well, leaving my legs much more relaxed.  Altogether I had a sense of paddling more efficiently, establishing a nice rhythm.  With no stops except for lunch, I seemed to put in a pretty good time, certainly faster than last time and while I wasn’t in any kind of hurry, that was pleasing.

Seen along the way …….

  1.  The first “vessel” in encountered was a Land Rover being driven very confidently down the river!  Bizarre sight – it was of course an amphibious vehicle that I actually glimpsed again driving away from the car park (on the road this time) as I hauled the kayak up the slipway.
  2. A Grey Heron; either several sightings of the same bird, or they were mob-handed!
  3. Most special of all really – a Kingfisher!  I really think it must have been ….. it was a              little way ahead of me and I saw it fly very rapidly for about 25/30 metres before disappearing into a bush.  What other small bird is as blue?!

So good outing.  A different route next time though – I want to look at the possibility of a one way paddle from Linton through to Bishopthorpe ….. we’ll see!

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