Wee Rob on the Ouse 21.6.16

Here’s an account of my second attempt at the same stretch of river.  If it’s turning into something of a “ship’s log”, all that does is offer me a way of keeping some sort of a record …. a venture in which I may or may not persist.  I was though interested to record some data for comparison; though I hasten to add that there’s no sense of competition here, not even with myself, and that the most this might be is a way of checking whether or not I’m improving technically, and recording my impressions both of the boat and the trip.

The day was good enough – dry and warm, though a bit cloudy and sometimes quite overcast, with something of a breeze of which I was only really aware on the way back, and so must have had a southerly component to its direction.

1029 left the jetty at Bishopthorpe and headed upriver.

1113 passed under the Millennium Bridge …… all fine so far, with just a bit of a tweak in my left shoulder.

1139 under Lendel Bridge …… soon after which I came up with a guy in a GRP rowing skiff.  Single seater craft with an ample-ish beam, so not a racing boat, but fairly slick nonetheless.  He’s involved in a project to build 4 man rowing skiffs, apparently to an Oughtred design, so we had a bit of a chat for 10 minutes or so.  He was quite complementary about the kayak – which was nice!

1200  under the Carlton Ings bridge ….. soon after which I came across another guy in a single skiff, this time a very slender racing craft.   He was, however, hanging off the side of the boat which was being warmly embraced by a bush!  Apparently he’d hit a log (still floating menacingly mid stream), had capsized and drifted into the bank and the bush, where the water was still surprising deep – must be something of a hazard for a lightweight boat traveling quickly and backwards!  Without any kind of footing he was finding it pretty much impossible to clamber back aboard and was looking cold, wet and very tired.  I was able to extricate him some of the way out of the bush and give him a bit of stability while he tortuously made his way back into the saddle, and wished him well as he pulled wearily away.

1256   beached for lunch, having made my way up to the A1237 bridge, which was my objective for the day.  Stiff getting out of the boat, but took 30 minutes for lunch and a bit of a break.

1352  back under the Carlton Ings Bridge

1406  Lendel Bridge

1429  Millenium Bridge

1512 Back on the slipway at Bishopthorpe ….. successful retrieval followed closely by a very decent Cheeseburger and coffee at the snack cabin!

Stats: Total distance  20.58k  (as measured by the fitbit app)

Time elapsed (excluding lunch, but including chat and rescue :  4hr11:15

It felt good – although I think I had a bit more ache in my shoulders than last time, but nothing to be worried about.  I certainly had a numb-bum by the end, and I might just wonder about whether I can improve the seat.  I also find the footpegs less secure than I had hoped – I’ll think about that.  Most encouragingly both buoyancy tanks were bone dry – the water in the cockpit all came, I’m sure, from the paddle.  Clothing works well in these reasonably warm conditions – if I paddle enthusiastically on into the Autumn I may well need to think about a wetsuit though.

Altogether a very successful and encouraging trip.  Didn’t take many photographs – but here they are anyway!

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