Ruston’s IGO – ready for the water!

She’s finished!  At least as far as a self built boat for one’s own use is ever finished – she’s finished.    There’ll be a lot else to do; I can already think of several potential modifications, mostly to the seating arrangements – too far forward or too far aft?  Maybe to the central thwart (aka the ash cross beam in the middle of the boat) – is that in the right place?  Then there are the great questions to be answered – will she float?  Will she be watertight?  Will she track in a straight line, or equally will she be manoeuvrable in the turn?  How easily driven will her hull turn out to be?

She weights in at 28kgs, which is a touch heavier than the designer intended but a good bit lighter than many grp canoes of the same length.  I think the excess is due to my use of cotton duck as a covering skin as against the nylon that the designer favours.  I’m content about that; it may well add a little momentum as she seeks to carry her way, the obvious downside being the weight that has to be lifted to get her on the car roof rack!

Two paddles incidentally – one in Larch and the other in Tulipwood (aka poplar), and again both a little heavy at about 1kg.  Both also of a deep water design, which I think will be fine on Pugney’s lake, but I need to make something with a shorter blade for use on canals and rivers.

So – to the water!  The plan is to put her in at Pugney’s Watersports and Wildlife Park on Thursday April 21st, perhaps I should add “weather permitting”, but I’m thinking positive!  Facilities there are pretty good in that there’s a cafe and toilets.  The lake is extensive enough to enjoy and interesting enough to spend time on if all goes well.  So – if you happen to be in the vicinity, do come and join us for the proof of the pudding, or of course the alternative helping of humble pie!

Pics …….

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