Rushton’s IGO April 2016

Here’s another month’s progress!  In fact she’s now pretty much finished, as the images below will bear out.  The framework complete, the next task was “skinning” it, with cotton duck – and that went reasonably well.  Dampening it with a hi-tech bucket and sponge drew it all up wondrously tight and wrinkle free, and although that slackened off a touch as it dried, the paint tightened it up again and the result seems to be OK.  I’ve now just a final rubbing strake to add and we’re about ready for the water.

I’ve also been carving paddles and I have two now ready to go, one in Larch, a design called an “ottertail”) and the other in Poplar – aka Tulip Wood – which is a “beavertail”.  I’ve treated them with Linseed Oil – lovely stuff to use – and they’re about ready too.  Paddle-making is really enjoyable aspect of canoe building which I may well decide to pursue a bit.  These two initial offering are I suspect a bit chunky and heavy at just over 1kg … we’ll see.

Launching is scheduled for April 21st at Pugney’s Wildlife and Watersports Park  …… all we need now is the weather, which of course might be a touch more difficult to organise!

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