Rushton’s IGO

A bit’s happened since I last posted on here, and I won’t bore you with all the details!  The pics in the gallery illustrate where the build is up to, and I dare to say that I am guardedly pleased with the result.  That’s a lot of knots tied, a lot of ribs bent, breasthooks glued in place and the building frames removed.  Now she really looks like a boat – and I guess would float in her present state!  There are seats and floorboards to fit, and a little trim to be glued to the inboard ends of the breasthooks (the kind of vestigial decks at each end for the uninitiated) which will act as a small coaming.

The big thing then is of course the covering.  I’ve settled on “Cotton Duck”, which I shall order in the next few days.  It sounds very appropriate of course, but in fact “duck” comes (apparently) from the Dutch word “doek” which means linen fabric, or somesuch.

So – progress seems to be good, and I begin to hope for a launch sometime next month – then we’ll really see what we’ve got!

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