Wee Rob and the IGO Feb 2016

Sometimes things go really well – I mean unexpectedly well!  I had 22 ribs to install and had read all sorts of stuff on line about breakages and making up spares, about whether to soak before steaming or not, about sorts of alternative techniques.  I just set up my steam box, built from slab insulation, hooked up the wallpaper stripper. tossed in a big handful of ash strips ( beautifully planed of course) and set to bending.  It seemed like a kind of alchemy ….. good ash become plastic for a few moments, bends easily and evenly, sits in place and promptly turns back into good ash.  Too good to be true?  I certainly hope not!

Suddenly she really looks like a canoe.  I’m now into a fairly lengthy process of replacing all those cable ties ( who invented cable ties – I do hope he/she was suitably rewarded!) with proper lashings and, alongside, thinking about how the breasthooks should be and how they might fit.

Really encouraged though!  Here’s a few pics ……

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