Wee Rob and the IGO Feb 2016

The question in my last post was about whether my “pre-bent” gunwales would work. At first it appeared that they did and the result, duly lashed together looked very sweet in its curve. But – and you could hear that coming couldn’t you – when I experimentally released the frame from the building jig the gunwales immediately set about straightening themselves, flattening the sheer line and hogging the keel. Plan B!

I decided that this isn’t an exercise in ethnically authentic boatbuilding. I ripped the gunwales down the middle and reached for the chemistry set. Following the designer’s instructions I went on to laminate the now two part gunwale in place using epoxy resin with a little help from the heat gun, and bringing it to a position lower down the stems, which allowed me to add a couple more laminations at each end to bring the sheer line to the desired shape. The result should be a very stable, 4 part, laminated beam. Humble pie!!!

The next move is to fit the ribs. Ash cut and planed – all by hand I might add – is now soaking and the steam chest is already to go tomorrow. I’ll report in due time. Here’s a few pictures ……


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