Rushton’s IGO Dec 2015

So – this is where we go next. I’ve carefully considered lots of options online and in various books. I was very much drawn to the Greenland Kayak featured in Christopher Cunningham’s book which still attracts as a building project but without, I think, any reasonable expectation of ever paddling it!
Rushton’s IGO is a Canadian style canoe, potentially much more useable in my context, and with room for 2 paddlers (and a picnic basket!).  Originally designed in the late 19th Century it was re-envisioned as a “Skin on Frame” boat by a guy called Dave Gentry in the States. The pictures that follow are his, pulled from his website (which I hope he doesn’t mind) and are here to set the goal, so to speak!

The attraction is of a build that involves the absolute minimum of plywood (just the stems) and glue, the frame being built of Western Red Cedar and Ash, held together with lashings of Artificial Sinew. I’ve ordered the plans and according to Dave’s email, they are on their way across the Atlantic (on an aircraft I imagine!). Meanwhile I can begin playing by trying a few joints and some lashings ….. this is a rather indifferent “hooked scarph joint”, of which there will be a number in the boat, and a first attempt at what seems to be called a “V & Y” lashing. (The eagle eyed will spot a couple of wall plugs in an odd position!  These are in lieu of the dowels that I could have sworn I had in the workshop!)

More to come!

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