Building Wee Rob – September 2015 (2)


These have been a useful couple weeks, even pivotal in one sense in that the boat is now the right way up. So planking the hull was completed and the whole cleaned up and faired off ,,,, bit of drudgery involved here, but necessary even for a painted finish. We then (Kay assisting) applied three coats of epoxy to the whole, followed after a few days by 4 coats of International Yacht Primer on all but the sheer strake. The latter I left unprimed because I needed to finish fairing it with the boat turned, but also because I have to glue a gunwale to it, and it’s not good gluing wood to paint!

So we turned her over, always a special moment when glued plywood fabrication actually becomes a boat I feel. I faired off the top edge of the sheerstrake, added a few “braces” to keep the shape and then began making templates for the two bulkheads using the moulds from the relevant stations. I’m about half way through that process as the month ends.

The one other thing I’ve done is go and buy wood – Western Red Cedar – from Duffield Timber up near Ripon. Quite a place that, and with very amenable staff who looked after me very well, and at a very reasonable price I felt! The wood comes “sawn”, hence all the activity with a plane in the last 2 pics, and I look forward to getting into it in the coming days. One piece is 2.5m x 150mm x 50mm, and within that lies my paddle! I’ve decided, after considerable online research, to make a “Greenland Paddle” which seems to be a pattern best suited for steady, and potentially long distance cruising – sounds like my style!

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