“Tour de Yorkshire” 3.5.15

The much vaunted bike race finally showed in Yorkshire – and very successfully too it seems – and is it was passing within walking distance of home, going a taking pictures seemed somewhat obligatory.  I find I do, quite irrationally,  have a somewhat ambivalent relationship with other people cycling locally since I was forced (for medical reasons) to stop doing so myself, but this was to be a race and an event and a gathering of people so – give it a whirl!

Quite a number of people gathered at the junction of the Ring Road and the A58, and a very cheerful atmosphere developed while we waited for the stars to arrive.  As the photos bear out, rathe more in evidence, and definitely for longer, were the various escort motorcycles (mostly police) and the team cars, which made it very clear what a huge logistical enterprise the whole thing really was.

I’m not sports photographer, and the pictures won’t win any prizes, but it was fun, and I hope there’s some suggestion here of the way it all felt ……

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