York, April 8th 2015

We go to York quite frequently. With a combination of the car and the excellent “park and ride” we can be in the city centre in about 40 minutes, and it almost always seems worth the effort. Photographically it’s full of cliches of course, but amongst the familiar and the over familiar, there’s always something in the detail that’s new or different and worth a look. I hadn’t noticed the sundial above the Minster door; the busker is one I hadn’t seen previously; the Emperor Constantine has been there a while of course, but I hadn’t really looked closely before; the 4 rowers were obligingly placed and the alfresco diners were gathering nicely at close to lunch-time. The collection of geometric shapes around the flood prevention measures on the River Fosse seemed to offer an interesting climb and an exit “stage right” which points neatly to King Richard and the last stop on the line aka the ‘Crematorium station”.

Good to be there on a lovely Spring day – here are the pics…..

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