Guitar in still life (or still life in guitar!) 31.3.15

I used to play the guitar – not very well, but with a degree of competence. Now and then I pick it up and nostalgically run my fingers over the fret board and resolve to regain some of what was lost, but to be honest never seem to get very far. It is though a photogenic instrument – there’s a combination of straight lines and curves, there’s usually detail of some sort in the wood, and often a kind of mellownness in the varnish that’s easy on the eye.

I’d been pondering on this still life for a few days. In fact I had (still have) something a touch more complex in mind with layers of guitar and sheet music photoshopped together in a sort of collage, and I’m keen to return to that. I’m quite pleased with these efforts though as a first step. I have played with the exposure a little in Lightroom, and in particular have adjusted the white balance to achieve this soft, mellow glow that seems to me to be vaguely Mediterranean and thus appropriate for a Spanish, classical guitar.

The sheet music, incidentally, is for a piece that was always well beyond my reach, even when I practised daily!

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