Todmorden 18th March 2015


We don’t walk just as far as we used to on a day out these days! Was a time not so long ago (or so it seems!) that 20 miles was a decent day’s walking and that it was scarcely worth putting the boots on for less than 15! These days 6 or 8 seems about right – hey hoe! So it was that we parked up and set off for the fells above Todmorden in Calderdale for about 6 miles and a couple of reservoirs on a fine but cloudy day.

A sharpish climb to the retaining wall of the first reservoir, known as Warlands, opened the lungs and stretched the legs nicely enough to give us an excuse, if one were needed, for a coffee break. I found some interesting images inside a stone built enclosure in the dam wall, some sort of overflow or outlet I guess, whose darkness and, presumably, dampness had encouraged the growth of a fine display of ferns.

A somewhat boggy traverse to the Gaddings reservoir was made much easier than it might have been by some paving stones ….. this is actually a part of the Pennine Way and so will be much walked. Beyond that was the curiously eroded Basin Stone, and then a long descent via Salter Rake which took us eventually back to the Rochdale Canal, and finally the car. Salter Rake is an ancient packhorse road and the stones are well worn, presumably by the passage of many feet.

Photographically it wasn’t a bad outing, and we both brought home some images with which we were well pleased. I had carried a telephoto zoom lens in the rucsac, but in fact used only the 20mm fixed lens and didn’t feel at all limited by it, indeed on several occasion was glad of its f1.8 for some close ups with narrow depth of field, which almost worked!

Here are some of the best of my images ……


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