Holiday 6: The Return Journey

The final day then, the longish drive to Cherbourg and then the ferry crossing followed by another night at the Poole Premier Inn and back to driving on the left! The drive was uneventful really, but gave a last opportunity this trip to appreciate the low traffic levels on these by and large rather good roads.

We stopped in a port called Granville, half way up the Cherbourg peninsula. We may not have seen it at its best, or may have missed the good bits, because it came across as rather down at heel. There was however a harbour wall to stroll along, and we found a decent enough creepy for an omelette and a huge portion each of chips – soul food if not the best nutritional value!

On to Cherbourg, in plenty time to join the queue for the long wait to embark, and then a quite calm crossing, with little to see, it being that time of night!

All in all a good holiday, much enjoyed by both of us and a determination to return, perhaps as early as next year. Avoiding school holidays of course, but a late spring/early summer date would offer (perhaps) better weather and particularly a calmer crossing; ad a two week stay might just make the whole a touch more leisurely with the odd day spent sitting in the sun with a bottle of wine and a lump of cheese with a fresh baguette …….

A few pictures, just for the sake of it really, including the saddest looking square rig I’ve seen, and a grand collection of white vans!

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