Holiday 5: Calcanne to St Malo

This was to be our last full day in Brittany so we obviously wanted to make the most of it, but the weather forecast wasn’t very inviting! We decided to go just the same and look at a stretch of coastline pretty much north of us. Calcanne is small resort town with all that goes with that – so an abundance of car parks, creperies and sea-food restaurants. We found good coffee and a friendly welcome (mostly in excellent English) in an otherwise empty creperie, and then set off to explore a little, finding that slightly forlorn ethos that seems typical of resort towns everywhere given the combination of off season and rain! Worth the visit though; an interesting little art gallery, an amphibious fishing boat and odd bits of local decor, some of which is in the photo gallery.

We made our way up the coastline to Pointe du Grouin, which would have been a delightful walk in different weather, and then round towards St Malo, eventually parking close-ish to the old walled town. We were intrigued by the use of tree trunks, presumably as sea defences to break up the momentum of the waves before they hit the wall – I can’t think I’ve ever come across the like elsewhere. The old town itself is very much an up-market shopping centre within the walls – interesting enough though to walk the walls themselves for the view they offered of the bay with its multiplicity of small islands. Obviously a major sea port in its day, it was interesting to walk back to the car along the quayside, passing a rich variety in the relatively few vessels that were moored there.

Once again a few images offer a glimpse …….

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