Holiday 3: Cap Freyel and Capd’Erquy

An excellent, and indeed accurate weather forecast took us North West to Cap Freyel and the Cap D’Erquy, on the coast (obviously) of the Golfe de Saint Malo. It was this coastline that we came to see, and these two promontories, quite close to each other, gave us a wonderful taste of what the rest must be like. The whole seemed to me to be reminiscent of the New Forest set next to a Cornish or even West Scottish coastline ….. although in truth it is what it is and has no need to be compared to anywhere else. It was all beautiful and sometimes downright breathtaking.

Again unsurprisingly this is a place to which the French come, and there were many there enjoying their own countryside. Very friendly – one older couple particularly so – and taking a delight in showing off their coastline to we foreigners. There was also a group of men flying radio controlled gliders from the cliffs (there are a couple of images of the aircraft if not of their pilots) in what in some respects seemed a considerable act of faith in both aerodynamics and radio technology as they launched their cherished aircraft (are these truly models or just small aeroplanes?) towards the see maybe 100m below!

We found lunch in the seaside town of Erquy, eventually in a small and friendly creperie, the alternative being a whole string of seafood restaurants further round the curve of the bay which looked a little daunting (and rather expensive). Good choice as it turned out!

Again a small gallery of photographs might convey a little of what we experienced …….

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