Holiday 1: Poole to Cherbourg

On the assumption that nobody is really likely to read this, I thought it would be safe to record some memories of our October 2014 holiday in Brittany – something of an adventure for we rather inexperienced travellers!  So – we drove to Poole, overnighted in the Premier Inn and then set off for the early morning ferry, with some weather forecast generated anxieties and a packet of Stugeron.  It was indeed a rough old crossing, which even evoked an apology from the Captain, though it was scarcely his fault!

We arrived safely however, and remembering to “prenez la droite” set off on the drive to the site in Dinan.  The drive was thankfully uneventful; the gite fine once we’d found it, and day one thus completed.

Some images follow ….. six taken around the ship – Barfleur – and featuring the tug that was needed (I assume exceptionally) to haul us off the lee bank that was the ferries berth.  The second 6 (of which I’m rather proud!) show the pilot cutter retrieving the pilot in what was presumably all in a days work for them, but looked like exemplary seamanship to me!

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