Leeds 18.9.14

We had various things to do in Leeds and so slipped in on the bus.  I took the camera (the Olympus this times as I had a notion to try to make some pictures around the major building site that is the John Lewis project. ).  The latter didn’t really happen – there doesn’t seem to be a “viewing platform” of any sort, except the one that I found which was the 56 bus on the way home!  5 of those give a flavour of where it’s up to. There are two of a busker in the Trinity Centre – an upmarket busker playing classical guitar.  I was caught a bit by the combination of him and the young woman trying to sell Trinity “gift cards”, and then the addition of the third figure spectating from the escalator – making of course a minor trinity of their own. The rest were made outside the Library after an excellent coffee in their cafe.  The plinth outside used to have a Henry Moore figure which while inevitably enigmatic at least was rather distinguished.  This apparent Star Wars “stormtrooper” (at least that’s my guess) doesn’t really seem a worthy replacement, but did allow a certain amount of fun using his legs as a frame for the view up and down the area. I was caught though by the chess boards with their giant pieces, and the man sat under a tree in apparent contemplation.  That both chess and contemplation might take place in the busy centre of a great city seems like a good thing!

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