Dracula – and Lasagne

Thursday September 11th – we went to see Northern Ballet’s presentation of Bram Stokers “Dracula” at the Playhouse in Leeds this afternoon.  It was a quite stunning event, and technically brilliant, the dancing faultlessly athletic and expressive (to my relatively inexperienced and uneducated eyes!).  The tension generated by both music and movement throughout and particularly in the final act was very powerful indeed. If Kay and I had a criticism it was the very subjective thought that this was maybe a touch too “classical ballet” for our taste, particularly having grown used to the smaller, more intimate presentations in the compact theatre in the Ballet School itself.  These latter tend to be very contemporary in style and concept (and in music which isn’t always as enjoyable as the spectacle!).  Very stimulating afternoon though. The Lasagne?  Was my choice in Zizzi where we went for a meal after the production – excellent as always, and I decided not to resist the somewhat cliched dinner table image with the iPhone! 2014-09-11 18.35.05

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