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This is my first post for some considerable time – I guess I’ve been looking in other directions, but have now decided to look back this way for photographic “expression”.  There is a problem I find, and it recurs with every batch of images that I make and process (now using the wonderful Lightroom courtesy of Adobe’s “Creative Cloud”).  It’s the question of what to do with these all too easily made digital images.  I like prints.  I like images that I can hold in my hand and ponder on.  Trouble is though that printing is relatively expensive and its results take up a lot of space.  So digital storage and sharing have a practical advantage that makes a very powerful argument.  The difficulty is that they require “devices”, and while software does make it reasonably easy to shift images around on networked devices, the experience is somehow not quite the same.  Maybe I just have to “get used to it”, as they say.

So – here are some images, made on a lovely summer day in Brighton.  They’re a touch random – taken on the “prom”, in “The Lanes” and between Brighton and Hove.  They’re here for what they’re worth – which may not be so very much!!

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