Signs of the Times (Pt 2) December 2012

The second instalment covers another mile or so, still along the A64. (Incidentally, I’ve realised that the final stretch of what I’m planning is actually along the A63, so I’ll need to rethink the title!) The images can speak for themselves …… or not – let s/he who has ears to hear, etc!

On looking at the last set a friend asked whether there was a theological reflection to go with it. “No” is the answer – I hadn’t seen this in those terms at all. For me it’s first and foremost a photographic exercise, a visual reflection on the different sights to be seen along the route. It might, I suppose, be seen as a ”social reflection”, and I guess the title implies that. There are visual suggestions that the times are not easy; there are visual celebrations that the times are moving on, and in my mind is the need to make this even-handed. There is some evidence of real deprivation along the way, and it would be all too easy to focus on that and produce a lament. I don’t think that would be fair though and I’m trying to show the evidence of life and vitality and genuine striving that’s there too.

Mostly though I’m making pictures and enjoying the act of doing so, and I don’t feel the need to pretend it’s anything more significant than that.

One joyous thing, more so on this second instalment, has been the people who’ve stopped and chatted. I’m ever so grateful to Fritz, for allowing me to make what’s one of my favourite images of the whole bunch thus far ….. and to the “good old boys” working away at the Irish Centre, and even the disgruntled local who wanted to blitz the Star Cinema – between them they made the whole exercise feel as though it has a worth of some sort!

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