Signs of the Times – along the A64 from Leeds to Crossgates

Work in progress!  This post is the first “chapter” of what might turn out to be several, charting a “journey” (see below).  I’m using the same material to produce (at least off-line) a Blurb book and to experiment with an AV sequence (is that still called a slide show?), and I thought I’d pop them on here too – because I can!

This is the preface to the book – there are some titles / captions planned for the book, but I won’t trouble with them here.  The intention really is to produce a visual impression of the journey ……

“This is a book about a journey.  Not, in the context of this world, a very long or exacting journey, in fact more often than not it’s a journey I’ve made in the “comfort” of a number 56 bus, travelling free thanks to my bus pass.  The distance must be about 5 miles, running from close to the centre of Leeds to the satellite suburb of Crossgates which lies on the eastern curve of the Ring Road.

Looking through the sometimes clean windows of the bus, my eye has been caught by many things that could be seen as “signs of the times”. Some of them are quite literally signs, offering directions, advertising, information and so on. Some of them are signs in that they indicate the way the times are a’changing, to quote Bob Dylan; some are signs of neglect, some of potential, some of hope and ambition.

Leeds is a developing city. It has come a long way on its own journey. It has seen wealth and poverty, peace and war, the vagaries of politicians good and bad, and the creativity and criminality of its citizens. All of these things (at least to my eye) may be seen on this little journey.

The images were made on a number of different occasions in the Autumn and early Winter of 2012. They tend towards the snapshot rather than the work of art, and I make no apology for that. They are what they are, and they speak to me, and that’ll do!”

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