Derwent Edge October 2012

Our second full day had a better forecast and we set out to d a relatively short walk (about 5/6 miles) on the fells above Ladybower Reservoir.  It began at the cheerfully named Cutthroat Bridge and circled up over the fellside to the edge itself before looping back down through woodland to the starting point.  Good walk – for a variety of reasons outings like this have been all too rare this year and we enjoyed the reminder of the good things that can be seen, felt and heard up on the fells.  Derwent Edge used to overlook the village of the same name, which was of course submerged when the reservoir was created, only reappearing when the water level is very low – so not this year then!

Some splendid rocky outcrops along the ridge – the one photographed is called the “coach and horses”, and it’s not altogether difficult to figure out why.

A good walk then – with an unwelcome reminder of the divisions suggested at Chatsworth, flagged up by the sign on the gate which told us the there was “Shooting on the Moor Today”.  So, the gentry were out killing stuff with their shotguns – I find myself firmly on the side of the birds in this one!

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