Portsmouth – the Spinnaker Tower September 2012

This elegant concrete giant stands 170 metres tall and dominates Gun Wharf in Old Portsmouth, and indeed is visible from pretty much everywhere in the city, appearing suddenly as it does from between buildings.  I think it’s beautiful, picking up as it does the appearance of masts, sails and all things maritime.

Thankfully it has a lift that whisks visitors to the three viewing levels and the changing perspective they offer on the surrounding land and sea.  I’m not going to try and title the images, they can speak for themselves and be identified if needs be by their numbers.

One “issue” for photographs is reflections.  While it would have been nice to have a glass free shot, it’s obvious enough why that’s not possible!  The result is reflections in practically every shot which at first seemed like an irritation.  Gradually though they became interesting, a sort of combining of inside and out and indeed at times a combining of them.  So in “12” for instance there are parallel lines which appear to be the wake of a vessel, or pair of vessels, which have curiously vanished.  In fact though they constitute the reflection of the wooden railing or barrier that stands just inside the glass.

I enjoyed the totally different perspective that even this relatively low altitude offered …… maybe a balloon flight next?????

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