Leeds City Centre (1) August 2012

I freely confess to a growing affection for the centre of Leeds. It has a vibrancy and dynamic that I enjoy increasingly – as I’m sure do many city centres. There’s a great deal of building and development going on even in these straitened economic times and watching the new emerge in the midst of the old is, to my mind, quite fascinating.

The images from this “shoot” really fall into three distinct sections, which I’m going to reduce to two. The first group is really about infrastructure with an underlying theme which is about exploring the relationship between old and new. In the images that’s obviously simply a visual relationship, how much that reflects the relationship at other – civic, economic, even philosophical and so on – is less easy to judge, and may well lie beyond my interest anyway – this is just about pictures and doesn’t pretend to be anything else.

So Boar Lane first and then Millennium Square. It’s about shapes, angles, textures and lines an so by and large works best in monochrome. The exceptions are the gilded bits, and there are a number of those about! The owls in “4” and “6” stand puffed up and proud of their gilt status, and maybe reflect something of the city’s self image both current and hung over from its previous standing in the woollen industry which I guess is the source of many of its fine older buildings.

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