Leeds City Centre (2): The Olympics August 2012

Millennium Square seems to be becoming the focal point of many community activities in Leeds and so was the inevitable (and probably the best) site for the big screen which enabled any who had the opportunity to join in a communal watching and celebration of the games. This group of pictures was taken on the day that the Brownlee brothers had their great success (gold and bronze) in the Triathlon, and the screen had drawn together all sorts shoppers, tourists, office workers and photographers. The images are a sort of people watching I guess, and if anyone finds themselves in here and doesn’t want to be, then my apologies!

A somewhat unrelated footnote …….

I was at the YMG again this Sunday for another enjoyable few hours of looking at and talking about photographs – gradually getting to know a few of the folk there and so being drawn into conversations a bit more. The visiting speakers were a couple who make landscape images both at home and abroad, of a very high quality indeed. Indeed the images shown both by them, and by members in the morning session seemed to be predominantly landscapes, and predominantly in colour! That seemed slightly bizarre in an avowedly monochrome orientated group, but I began to understand that July and August are regarded as “colour months” so presumably normal service will be resumed, so to speak. I do hope so!

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